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Based in California, Liquid Image Co®
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Based in California, Liquid Image Co® is a leading Wearable Camera manufacturer and the developers of the first in-goggle camera with the lens mounted at eye level, allowing for True POV video capture. Since the release of the first underwater camera mask in 2008, Liquid Image has continued to evolve and develop products for underwater, snow, and motocross markets. In addition, most models include HD video in 1080P at 30 frames per second, 720P at 60 frames per second for high action, and wind guarded audio recording.

In 2012, Liquid Image released their first mountable camera, which is currently one of the world’s smallest wireless enabled cameras on the market. With over 150 products and 35 Action Cameras in the Xtreme Sport Cams™ division, Liquid Image has the largest selection of hands free Action Cameras and accessories on the market.

In 2015 Liquid Image will start shipping the first wearable 4G LTE camera, the Ego LS. This award winning camera speaks to a wearable and mountable camera need that goes beyond the Action Camera market. The Ego LS allows the user to live stream outside the range of Wi-Fi directly to a public or private website or app. The Ego LS is expected to launch in second quarter of 2015 on the Verizon Wireless Network in the US and later in 2015 outside of the US on additional carriers.

Liquid Image products have been honored for design and functionality by the CEA organization multiple times. The streamlined and ergonomically designed sports equipment created by Liquid Image offers technology that is both easy to use and beneficial to athletic performance, all at an affordable retail price point. The products range from low priced models that appeal to vacationing families up to higher-level models for photographers, athletes and the savvy tech consumer.